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At Ty Beic we try to live in a responsible way that promotes sustainability.  This is not something that is formal or audited but it is embedded in the way we live our lives.

Local, sustainably sourced and recycled materials have been used in our restoration work, together with Forest Stewardship Council certified timber.  The cottages have largely been equipped with products from the UK or EU.

Hot water and heat is provided by a biomass boiler fueled by locally sourced woodchip.  Most of our electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels and additional solar water heating panels provide hot water to the laundry.

Spring water is used to water the garden and vegetable patch and clean bicycles.

The patch of ground where the old oil tank was located has become a recycling area. We make it simple and easy for guests to recycle and reduce waste.

We also work to maintain and encourage biodiversity, including providing habitats for bats and nesting birds (owls amongst many others) as well as leaving areas wild for other animals such as hedgehogs.

All of our cleaning and washing products are sourced through Splosh, which is a company set up to minimise the environmental impacts of such products.  Products are supplied as dry refills, to which water is added, or in pouches that are poured into reusable bottles.  This reduces packaging and transport weight.

We are promoting cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transport.  Karen jointly runs a children’s cycling club every Saturday morning in Bala, helping youngsters become confident on their bikes.  She also started a ride to encourage novice cyclists to get on their bikes and get on the road.  In time, we hope that this will promote cycling in the local area.

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