Byd bach, small world

We have a new person on site. Eilir Rowlands, landscape gardener and stonemason, is building a retaining wall and creating new openings for windows and doors in the old stone walls. Eilir knows the house well as his grandmother, Kate Rowlands, lived at Ty Hen. Byd bach.  Her diary is being serialised on twitter by St Fagan’s National History Museum.  The tweets are in Welsh and often in the local dialect so they are a little difficult to understand (for me), but they do offer a fascinating insight into life on the farm 100 years ago.  From taking a large sow to Bala (I may not have understood that tweet correctly), to the travels of the threshing machine and the news of a young man in Llandderfel dying of TB.  And the weather is usually ofnadwy.

Eilir also gave us a photo of Ty Hen from 1960s and a picture of him in front of the pig sty.  Eilir is on the right. Eilir Rowlands Ty Hen c1960