Laundry room

Probably the nicest laundry in the world*

* potentially, Carlsberg not included.

February has been a strange month.  The snow and freezing temperatures at the beginning of the year more or less put a stop to work but once that cleared a couple of weeks ago, it has been all systems go.

Eilir Rowlands has been with us for a few weeks and as well supplying us with photos of Ty Hen through the decades, more of these later, he has been building stone walls and creating lots of holes in existing walls.  This is all good and planned.  We are turning the (pictured) pig sty into a laundry.  The door opening has been widened and made taller so a washing machine and tumble dryer can be installed and unless you are 7ft tall, one can also enter without the fear of decapitation.  Eilir has also started work on creating a new window in the barn and closing up the east end wall. Laundry room

I do love a nice stone wall and the one that Eilir has built is particularly nice:

holiday accommodation

And here are some pictures of the rest of the work that has been taking place:

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Gwyn has been with us throughout and has been in charge of concrete, floors, shuttering, block work and other things that keep him outside in the snow, hail, sleet and rain.

I’ve been working on the website, which has been tweaked and updated, and the facebook page.  In a nice warm house.

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