Wood chip, wood and more wood

A biomass boiler needs fuel.  Thanks to Huw from Ynni Coed Cymru the chip store is now nice and full and should keep us warm for a few months.

If that doesn’t we have this.Wood store January 2015

With much reluctance, we had to take down the large sycamore in front of the house.  It was rotten and hollow and was in danger of falling. On to the barn.  Peter Hughes and Co arrived last Monday to do the job. I planned to take lots of photos but they were too quick for me to get my act together. We now have lots of firewood, an improved view of the Berwyns and enough room to turn around a plethora of VW transporters.


We’ve had snow, but that hasn’t slowed us down.  The most exciting event has been the commissioning of the biomass boiler.  After a year and a half of being cold, we are now luxuriating in hitherto unknown warmth.  It bodes very well for the cottages as they will be much better insulated than our house and have underfloor heating as well as log burners. Thanks everyone at Raine or Shine for making us warm and happy.

Finished apart from cladding

Boiler house finished apart from cladding. Just need to get on with it.