The Barn Gets an Extension

It’s about time for another update.  Progress is good and we are on schedule for a June opening.  Must start planning the party. Over Easter Gwyn was off site putting together the timber frame for the barn extension.  It was delivered last Wednesday and went up very quickly with help from our neighbour, Ian Jones.  We’re very lucky to have helpful neighbours and ones that have useful pieces of kit such as telehandlers. Some pictures of the delivery and construction.  There would have been more but Richard helpfully deleted them from the camera before I had chance to upload them.

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The extension will be timber clad with a slate roof.  The overhanging eaves at the front will have a bike storage area and somewhere to store logs for the wood burning stove.   Next week its time for the slate roof and underfloor heating with heat supplied by the new biomass boiler.

We are taking bookings, there’s a booking enquiry form here.


We’ve had snow, but that hasn’t slowed us down.  The most exciting event has been the commissioning of the biomass boiler.  After a year and a half of being cold, we are now luxuriating in hitherto unknown warmth.  It bodes very well for the cottages as they will be much better insulated than our house and have underfloor heating as well as log burners. Thanks everyone at Raine or Shine for making us warm and happy.

Finished apart from cladding

Boiler house finished apart from cladding. Just need to get on with it.