You’ve Been Framed

The windows, well most of them, are in.

You've Been Framed

Made by Catchweasel from locally sourced oak, with a little help from Jac.  Bendigedig.

Blog posts have been a little infrequent recently.  We’ve been busy doing other things.  Here are a few images of what we have been up to over the last few weeks…..

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The weather has been better so we’ve also been riding our bikes more.  It’s important to get one’s priorities right.

Our first guests arrive at the end of July.  This is exciting news.  We’d like more so if you or anyone you know would like to stay with us this summer, let us know by completing a booking form here.

Through the Pane Barrier

Catchweasel windowRichard is making windows.  Eight of them.

Made from sustainably sourced oak supplied by our local timber yard, each one is different.

Inspired by old Welsh farmhouses, they are a modern take on an old style designed to keep the weather out, the heat in, and the spectacular views framed.  Nicely done.